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MARISSA & DANNY 08.31.10

Another amazingly symbolic engagement session moment for The Bridal Bar!

It is so fantastic how the ingenious team at True Photography Weddings makes every emotion-filled romantic moment so visibly felt!!

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As I was surfing through the net looking for new inspiration on brides, venues, gifts, all wedding related things…..per my usual daily routine…..I fell upon this amazing blog post about this amazing amour cottage in the Catskill, NY…..I just had to share it with all of you, as I have never seen anything like this before …..I want one of my very own!!!

This little cottage would be way beyond perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic get-away, where love and passion are sure to flow. The decor is just exquisite and you can completely indulge in this enchanted whimsical nest and leave the cares of the world entirely behind!

Sandra Foster the fortuitous owner of what used to be a hunting cabin, took her dream and innovation to turn it into a very alluring Victorian cottage. Read more about the cottage and her inspirational ideas at My Shabby Stream Side Studio

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Charles proposed to Zerlyn in Paris at the top of Eiffel Tower.  The wedding was planned to be in San Diego at the Rancho Bernardo Inn on July 10, 2010.  After hiring all the vendors they needed for the wedding, the couple wanted to add an extra special final touch with their favors.  As she was searching for that unique favor, Zerlyn found and contacted SoBelle Chocolate Favors to make an appointment to visit at the showroom.

“Walking into the SoBelle showroom is like walking into a toy shop”, the couple just loved everything, they had such a difficult time choosing the favor that would fit their wedding best.

Finally, they decided that the best thing to do was to choose 5 designs instead of just one standard design and enjoy the best of all worlds!!

Here are a few of the designs they had to choose from for their wedding day…

“The different designs where an absolute hit! It was just great, the guests had the choice to exchange with each other if they prefer one particular design over another. Everyone thought the chocolates where so pretty they almost didn’t want to ruin the luxurious wrapping to eat them…..but, when they got a taste of the excellent quality of the chocolate, they could not get enough!!”

SoBelle Chocolates & Favors For All Occasions, based out of San Diego, CA, is a company specializing in wedding, social and corporate chocolate favors. They stand out among the competition because every detail is perfected. Not only are they widely known for the exquisite taste of their fine imported chocolate, they also receive praise for their unique and creative wrappings. SoBelle is sure to make all your events extra sweet! Each SoBelle occasion is tailored specifically to each event. Nada Adjadj, the owner and head designer, founded the company in 2006 as part of her life-long dream. Based on her cultural heritage, Nada truly believes no occasion is complete without customized, decorated chocolate favors. Prior to opening SoBelle, there where no means available to anyone for purchasing such favors in the West Coast.

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They are growing their inventory and giving you more KOOL. seating options!

Check out their new Bella Dining Chair!

Styled with an all white leather upholstered seat and back with polished chrome legs….

We think these would be perfectly paired with what ever table option you can think of, giving an modern, eclectic or traditional feel to your celebration ambiance.

Also great for theater seating, presentations and performances….

….Which ever your hearts design is, rest assured that your Bella Dining Chair will be….

Sleek, Modern and…. KOOL.

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JIIN & ALLEN 08.14.10

Allen and I met in Vegas! Yes, Vegas. I guess, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas haha! We met at the club called Tao. The next day, we went on our first date official date. Allen was from San Jose and I was in San Diego, so we did the long distance thing for about a year, until Allen made the move to San Diego. A year later, Allen proposed to me.

It was a pretty easy choice when we decided to go with True Photography. Aaron was the first photographer to call us back, so being prompt was really important to us. Aaron was the only photographer we had spoken to, but because he was so friendly, easy going, seemed to know his stuff, and the photos were amazing, we signed the contract right away.

So many people were like, “Weren’t you guys tired of smiling and taking pictures?” But no, we didn’t even feel like it was any work at all. It was really fun, and a very easy experience. Michael and Eddie were both awesome shooters. Everything went so smooth and felt very organized that we were able to spend a lot of time with our guests.

~ Jiin (Our Bride)

Images courtesy of True Photography Weddings. Especial thanks to all of those who made Jiin & Allens special day a dream come true….Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club, La Fleur, Entertainment at Large- Mike Hogan, Concepts Event Design,  MSI , Raphaels, The White Dress, Wedding Paper Divas, Edelweiss Bakery.

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Wedding planning takes patience and one of the most trying tasks is working with your vendors to make sure you both understand one another.  How do you communicate with everyone involved to bring your wedding vision to life?

Here are a few tips straight from the experts themselves:

Prevent the Problem
Anseth Page Richards, owner of The Bridal Bar, suggests that you “use a wedding planner who can protect you from miscommunication with vendors.  If you do not have a wedding expert helping you, take extra care and only choose a reputable vendor, even if you have to pay more!”

Discuss Expectations
Tim Altbaum, owner of Tim Altbaum Productions, advises that you “always discuss openly what is expected from the vendor. Don’t leave anything to be interpreted one way or another.”  Richards agrees that couples should, “be honest and upfront with expectations” and make sure these expectations are clear in the contract.

Make No Assumptions and Be Clear
Sharon Mintz, owner of Organic Elements recommends that couples “speak to vendors in a respectful manner, but don’t assume that they already have an understanding of what you are expecting on your wedding day. Remember that there are many options to choose from and everyone’s preferences vary so make yours clear.”

Be Specific
Mintz says that brides should “use very specific examples and present pictures whenever possible.  If there’s an issue, try to return to the point of communication where you think your message and their understanding lost the connection.”

Avoid Last Minute Changes
From her experience, Richards knows that “problems always occur when last minute changes come up.  For example, asking the DJ to stay and play at the end of a wedding for another hour will affect other vendors.  The caterers may end up with double overtime or the rental companies will have to delay their pick up. If you think extra time may be needed get a quote in advance and make sure to add it to the contract.”

Finally, have FUN!!

This is your wedding so enjoy the planning process and have fun with it.  Avoid falling into the stress of finding the “perfect” vendor, stop the negative thoughts, and don’t make the planning feel like you are at “work.”  Instead get excited, enjoy your creativity, and keep in mind the meaning behind the wedding.

Courtesy of  Exquisite Weddings Magazine

By Jennine E. Estes

Jennine E. Estes is a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#47653) with a private practice in San Diego.  Learn more about Jennine at Estes Therapy or visit her Relationship Column Relationships in the Raw.

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JOHN & CAT 08.11.10

John and Cat were incredible clients of ours who recently tied the knot in style in Mission Bay. John is the former Circulation Director for Exquisite Weddings Magazine, so our team of wedding artists was extraordinary!

Nick Abadilla captured these incredibly glamorous shots of the blushing bride in her lacy, form-fitting trumpet gown and scrumptiously romantic bird cage veil. Cat wanted a fun, out-of-the-box look for the reception. Tables were adorned with black-and-white damask runners, apple green satin floor-sweeping linens, and black iron lantern centerpieces brimming with moss and succulents. The result was a glamorous bay side bash {their friends sure know how to boogie}!

*Yes, those are the custom Converse that Nick showed in his post about breaking the wedding box!

Isn’t Cat’s bouquet ethereal? The handkerchief is decades-old, passed along to her from her grandmother.

Their favors were so cool {and unique!} – California scratch tickets for all!

The cake was just lovely. The subtle succulent design was not too overdone, it was sweet and so fresh!

John & Cat, we hope you had a fabulous honeymoon in Italy!

~ Valley & Co.

The Bridal Bar is so happy to have The Good Life Event Specialists share with us John & Cat’s special day!

Aleah & Nick Valley husband and wife wedding and event planning and design team since 2003, purveyors of the good life. They specialize in event planning and design services; from à la carte to budget and vendor assistant to concept, floral, and overall event design, their services can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Being a husband-and-wife team, their clients reap the benefits of both of their talents and strengths.
Their team at The Good Life Event Specialists strives to create simply amazing and unique events. With nearly fifteen years of combined event planning and design experience, they absolutely love what they do and it shows.

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Earlier this year owner and designer of b.mookié jewelry participated in a photoshoot with some very talented wedding professionals at the Old Poway Park. The talented Deshun & Yasmine with Dapper Images captured all of the beautiful details.

It was so much fun working with this crew of professionals. We used 4 brides in a ‘Trash the Dress’ style shoot using different non-traditional bridal looks to give a modern twist on a traditional event.

b.mookié provided all the jewelry and enjoyed adding some fun colors and gemstones to a usually white bridal palette.

Our contemporary brides are ever increasing their accent colors into their wedding jewelry. We hope to inspire you with style ideas that speak to you, it’s your wedding day why not make it your own?

~ Molly

Our guest blogger Molly Beard founded b.mookié in the fall of 2005. Molly’s art and design interest started at an early age. She followed her passion and interest in design to Florence, Italy, where she was able to partake in a palette of art courses at Studio Arts Center International. From there, she went on to graduate from Bowling Green State University, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Today she is designing jewelry for the company, which makes custom and handmade jewelry with a modern perspective. She takes.

Molly decided to provide a custom service to the Bride-To-Be because of a lack of personal attention and options she had available when looking for a necklace to embellish her own wedding dress. In a world of mass produced materials, at this time in your life it is wonderful to sit down, relax and take the time to discuss how she can make your wedding vision a reality. She loves details and believes in expressing individual style – especially on your wedding day.

Molly strives to provide you with the best in personalized service and the highest quality jewelry, which is carefully constructed by her with precious metals and gemstones. She specializes in custom designed wedding and special occasion jewelry to enhance the beauty and personal style of their special day. She wants you to love and cherish your jewelry for many years to come!

A Special Thanks To :  Wedding & Event Planning by After The Engagement ~ Photography by Dapper Images ~ Florals by Exquisite Blooms ~ Makeup by Ann DeNicolo ~ Hair by Gerine Coronado

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The Bridal Bar is excited to add more detail to our entourage of Bridal Consultants!

Bianca Weddings provides full service wedding planning, coordination, and production under one roof. Having worked as a coordinator since 2000, Bianca has coordinated weddings and events of all sizes, in all parts of the world and cannot wait to help turn your Fairytale Wedding into a reality!

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The melding of friends and family at your engagement party can be tricky territory. A breach of etiquette or a careless comment — from you or a guest, intentional or not — can set the stage for hurt feelings to fester. Here’s our top etiquette tips for planning an engagement party that will pave the way for stronger — not strained — relationships.

Invite Right

Don’t invite anyone who’s not invited to the wedding, but don’t feel pressure to include everyone who’s invited, either. The engagement party is a more intimate affair than your wedding, and it’s nice to keep it small, especially if your families are meeting for the first time. Don’t feel guilty about not inviting your work chums and certainly nix exes from the list! Consider making it a family-only affair — or doing two parties, one with family and one with friends — to maximize your time with each group.

Register Early

Gifts are optional at an engagement party, but it’s smart to start a bridal registry for a few items in case people ask family or friends what they can get you (never tell people where you are registered or what you want). If you feel awkward about the gift issue, write on invites, “Your presence is your present!” People will feel let off the hook, but are still free to get you a present if they want to.

Stash Gifts

When people bring gifts, thank them profusely and ask whether they would mind if you opened them after the party. If someone insists you open their gift on the spot, do so away from other guests so that you don’t guilt-trip partygoers who did not come bearing gifts. Send a short thank-you note that mentions the gift as soon as possible after the party.

Pay to Play

If you’re hosting your own party at a restaurant, don’t ask guests to pony up cash contributions: If you’re doing the inviting, then it’s your responsibility to foot the bill. If dinner is too expensive, consider a tea party or happy hour instead.

Introduce With Flair and Care

Follow these meet-and-greet tips when you’re bringing the troops together:
Etiquette says that when making introductions, you should introduce the woman or the oldest person first.
Don’t be shy: A botched introduction is better than no introduction, which may make a person feel unimportant and unwelcome.
Add a bit of background information about a person after introducing them to give both parties something to chat about.
If you forget someone’s name or are unsure of how to pronounce it, simply say something like, “Please tell me your name again — I’m having a mental block.” You don’t owe them an apology unless you just met them.

Acknowledge Everyone

There will be people you’re not crazy about at your party. Despite your, and perhaps their, feelings, they made the effort to be there, so be sure to greet them, even if only by shaking their hand and saying, “Thank you for coming.” Look them in the eye, smile pleasantly, and then move on to the next guest. It’s likely that you’ll be able to keep yourself busy enough during the party to avoid awkward moments with the undesirables.

Bridge Cultures

Do your families hail from opposite ends of the earth? Keep in mind that what’s considered a polite greeting and gesture in one country may mean quite the opposite in another. Do your homework — and spread the word among your American guests — regarding the cultural customs of your fiance’s family.

Take Toasts in Stride (and Respond in Kind)

When well-wishers propose a toast to you, remain seated and don’t raise your glass or drink. It’s customary that one or both of you respond to the toast with a toast of your own to thank people for coming and express your excitement about the joining of two families. It’s also nice to single out each set of parents and toast their support and love (or whatever you deem most meaningful).

– Lori Seto

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