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Now That you know everything there is to know about diamonds and ring settings, its time to think about you, your special someone, and your wonderful relationship together……and put that all into a meaningful way to say I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!!

Have no fear!! We have just the perfect tips and pointers from The Yes Girls the masterminds behind Simply U Proposals! Here is some advice from them that are worth considering when planning your marriage proposal….

Before You Propose

Considerations before planning your perfect marriage proposal.

Timeless Traditions

Is it important to your girlfriend that you ask her father or someone in her family for their blessing? If so, even if you believe it’s an old tradition, take the time to call her family or take them out to dinner before you pop the question. This way you avoid any hurt and surprised family members.

Her Ring

Trying on rings beforehand is always a plus! Many women tend to love a certain style/setting until they try on the ring and find another style fits their finger better.

If she wants the ring to be a complete surprise then do some research. Consult her best friends and listen carefully to any hints she drops. It is not a bad idea to have her friends take her ring shopping for fun.

Timing is Everything

Think ahead. Has she hinted at a Summer or Fall Wedding? It is always considerate to propose at least 6 months prior to the wedding. If she wants a shorter engagement then let her be the one to decide. Better safe on time than sorry.

How To Pop the Question

The Do’s

1. Public or Private

Who should be present at your marriage proposal? Just the two of you, her family and best friends, or perhaps a cheering crowd? REALLY think this one through.

Just because you are a sports fanatic does not mean her idea of a proposal is on the jumbotron. However, If she is a die hard fan, paints her face, and never misses a single game then go for it!

We have discovered most women prefer a proposal to take place in a private or semi-private manner. Some women prefer to have family and friends involved. Holidays are fun and personable atmospheres to create your proposal. However, remember you will be competing with the holidays. There is always the option of an intimate setting for the two of you, followed by a surprise gathering of family and friends.

2. Location

Location is key to setting the mood. This is where you can incorporate favorite memories together. This goes to show just how well you paid attention. However, do not get so caught up in location that it stops you from tuning into your creativity. Start with “how” you’re going to propose rather than “where” you’re popping the question and the possibilities will increase ten fold.

3. Attention to Details

Incorporating specific moments and details in your engagement proposal that she wouldn’t expect you to remember will leave her in awe. This is your chance to prove to her that you know her better than anyone else. Remember you want to make the proposal about her by incorporating her interests and what she enjoys doing most with you. DO NOT NEGLECT the little details; they are the icing on the cake and honestly, the best part!

4. Females Perspective

It’s so important to get a females opinion and perspective regarding your proposal idea! Consult her friends, sisters, mom, etc. If you are nervous a close friend or family member may spoil the surprise, this is where the Simply U Proposals team can help. We provide you with a female’s perspective without ruining your surprise, which is why Simply U has excited clients and an outstanding success rate.

The Dont’s

1. Throw out unoriginal clichés

To be blunt, automatically rule out proposals via jumbotrons, fortune cookies, and over a “nice” dinner. With a little thought and planning, you can go beyond cliché ideas. If you get stuck, consult her girlfriends/sister/mom or brainstorm ideas with a Simply U Consultant to keep it a complete surprise.

2. Her Wants vs. Yours

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone just a little. It’s important to think about what your sweetheart would want. Many times we hear of proposals where the guy just thinks what he thinks is cool rather than what SHE would appreciate. Think about past memories, her favorite things, her personality type, her love language, and you’ll start to cater the proposal to her desires.

We truly hope that this was helpful and inspirational and above all that all your dreams come true……CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES FROM THE BRIDAL BAR!!!

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When buying a diamond ring, concentrate on finding a nice grade of diamond that maintains its marketability over the years. Find out more through this informative video with varied points on purchasing a diamond ring!

After learning about the diamond, setting and all the properties that are important about your ring purchase, now another very important question comes up……How much should I spend? And that is a very good question! The standard is “2 months salary” or 17% of your annual income, but we think that you should use the “two-months-salary rule” as your guide and  spend what you can.

* Where did the two months of salary idea come from?

The origin of the two months salary begins with DeBeers, the largest diamond producer and marketer in the world. In 1947, in an effort to increase diamond sales in the United States following a depressed wartime market, DeBeers launched a marketing campaign with a New York advertising firm. A copywriter penned the famous slogan “A diamond is forever”. As far as advertising slogans go, it’s pretty damn good. A diamond, like your marriage, is supposed to last forever. (ed. – We’re thankful wedding preparation doesn’t last nearly as long.)

From our research, understands that DeBeers wanted to bring diamonds to the masses, rather than have them be for a select few. Accordingly, the price of diamonds was set at approximately two months of salary, which is somewhat tied to inflation.

Diamonds, just like your marriage, are an investment, and have been an investment device for several thousand years. Hard, durable and used to mine for other minerals, diamonds are generally quite rare (although they are not the rarest of gemstones). This, coupled with cartelization by the producers and resellers, keeps diamond prices very high. As a result, it will cost a groom at least $1000 to purchase a diamond of decent cut, clarity, color and carat. Of course, a $1000 diamond engagement ring will likely be lacking in two or three of the four C’s. Accordingly, a groom is likely to spend at least $2,500 on his bride’s engagement ring.

* So just how much is two months salary?

While there is no real answer, we believe two months’ salary refers to your gross salary, and not your net salary. (ie. the amount of money you make before taxes and deductions).

Here are some sample salaries and diamond engagement ring cost equivalents:

If you earn… $30,000: $5,000 diamond engagement ring. $50,000: $8,333 diamond engagement ring. $80,000: $14,167 diamond engagement ring. $100,000:  $16,667 diamond engagement ring.

No matter what you spend on a diamond engagement ring, the ring will be a permanent reminder of your proposal, your fiance saying YES and the beginning of a new stage in both of your lives! We know that you will find the perfect ring that will both fulfill your love and you wallet, happy shopping!!

Another helpful tool is this amazing book “Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love”, This’ll take you through all of the different aspects of a ring, and about what you should pay for them.

Video courtesy of eHow on YouTube - Diamond facts and tips expert A. Scott Rhodes Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diamond Graduate Gemologist  and American Gem Society Registered Jeweler

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The value of a diamond is based on the color grade, the clarity grade and the carat size. Find a good balance between these three traits when choosing a high-quality stone.

Diamond facts and tips from  A. Scott Rhodes Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diamond Graduate Gemologist  and American Gem Society Registered Jeweler

Video courtesy of eHow on YouTube

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The Four Cs Of Diamonds

Various characteristics of diamonds are graded and categorized by the diamond industry. Learning about diamonds is first learning about the “four Cs” of diamonds which are considered the most important grades and categories:

These are the criteria jewelers use when grading diamonds, and they’re the ones you’ll need to understand to buy the right diamond for you.


Cut is probably the most important, and most challenging, of the four Cs to understand. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut.

First, don’t confuse diamond “cut” with “shape.” Shape refers to the general outward appearance of the diamond, (such as round, emerald, or pear). When a diamond jeweler (or a diamond certificate) says “cut,” that’s a reference to the diamond’s reflective qualities, not the shape.


Most diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance, and thus are more highly prized, and priced.

When we speak of a diamond’s clarity, we are referring to the presence of identifying characteristics on (blemishes) and within (inclusions) the stone.


Colorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light (sparkle). Off white diamonds absorb light, inhibiting brilliance.

When jewelers speak of a diamond’s color, they are usually referring to the presence or absence of color in white diamonds. Color is a result of the composition of the diamond, and it never changes over time.

Because a colorless diamond, like a clear window, allows more light to pass through it than a colored diamond, colorless diamonds emit more sparkle and fire. The formation process of a diamond ensures that only a few, rare diamonds are truly colorless. Thus the whiter a diamond’s color, the greater its value.

Carat Weight

A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. The process that forms a diamond happens only in very rare circumstances, and typically the natural materials required are found only in small amounts. That means that larger diamonds are uncovered less often than smaller ones. Thus, large diamonds are rare and have a greater value per carat. For that reason, the price of a diamond rises exponentionaly to its size.

A carat is a unit of measurement, it’s the unit used to weigh a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams.

And then there’s the “Fifth C”:

The Fifth C: Certificates

The diamond certificate, which is sometimes called a grading report, is a complete evaluation of your diamond that has been performed by a qualified professional with the help of special gemological instruments. Each stone bears its own recognizable, individual characteristics, which is listed on the certificate.

We are so thankful to The Diamond Buying Guide for sharing this amazing wealth of information with all of us!

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JENNY & CHRIS 12.02.10

Birch Aquarium Bliss

After Jennifer Deuprey said “I do” to Christopher Stanchak, they headed off to a truly unique reception site — The Birch Aquarium to celebrate their marriage.  Located in La Jolla, California, the Bridal Bar designed this perfect day for the happy couple.  Simply Posh Design created a full suite of event stationery  using a palette of champagne and aqua to mimic  the sand and sea, and a custom seashell motif embellished with a natural pearl to add a little elegance to this already grand affair.  Hartworks Florals did a beautiful job bringing the aquarium into bloom. Dessert was enhanced by the delicious five-teared cake from the one and only Michele Coulon Dessertier and as always True Photography Weddings managed to capture every detail with their expert eye.

~ Jennifer

We are so excited to have Jennifer Dailard of Simply Posh Design share with all of us Jenny & Chris’ “Wedding Under The Sea”!

From a lifelong passion for paper, design and all things visual arts Simply Posh Design was born. Jennifer Dailard brings more than a decade of advertising and design talents to the table and now, nearly three years since its inception, Simply Posh Design is a full service paper production company offering extraordinary custom invitations and personal stationery. We believe it is a privilege to share in the happy events that lead clients to Simply Posh Design and are happy to work with you.
Simply Posh Design has aligned itself with several premier companies offering premier invitation components. Current partners include, Envelopments, Waste Not Paper, Green Paper Company and Marsupial Pouches.

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