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The Bridal Bar is excited to add Maderas Golf Club to our grand list of ceremony and reception venues.

You will find Maderas Golf Club to be an extraordinary place in an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere. Nestled in the breathtaking San Diego canyons, our cascading waterfalls, tranquil lakes and emerald green fairways welcome you and your honored wedding guests. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding reception with your family and closest friends, or prefer to dance the night away like never before, our Tuscan inspired ballroom and panoramic views are the ideal stage for creating the ideal wedding experience where the warmth of your loved ones will envelop you at every moment.

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We thought it would be a really great idea to inspire you with the latest color trends forecasted for the upcoming spring/summer planning brides.  These are colors that can set the whole tone of your entire wedding…..we hope you enjoy!

Cloth / Fabric Spring 2011 Colour Trends

For their take on the colors for Spring 2011 clothing trends, cloth manufacturers Lenzing believe that we won’t just be throwing off the darker colours of Fall 2010′s trends but possibly even the mentality that has gone with recent financially tough times. Thus they see Spring / Summer 2011 colors as those which are “uplifting” and “soften, energise, and excite.”

For the Spring / Summer 2011 season they’ve put forwards five key colour trends.

Spring personified in a palette, the colors that make up this Spring 2011 color trend are mostly named after flowers: iris, viola, daffodil, poppy, and geranium. Unsurprisingly, should this color scheme take your fancy, this one should be worked into your Spring 2011 wardrobe as a part of your florals.

spring 2011 color celebration


I must confess to not liking this color palette in the leastl the turquoise clashes with the maroon to my eye, and how yellow green made it in there has left me stumped. This is one color trend for those who are loud and proud.

spring 2011 clothing colors

New Classic
According to Lenzing new and unexpected twists on classic elements, and naturally bright pigments, will develop into new classics. “Fabrics are classic, materials the same but all elements are somewhat twisted: fibers in unusual yarn-spinning and -counts, classical weave patterns in atypical materials clashed with a curious checkered design, an embroidery where you didn’t expect it – nothing loud, just enough to make you startle.”

summer 2011 colors

Sitting as our favourite Spring / Summer 2011 color trend ‘aqueous’ is also the most dangerous. An obvious color theme for Spring 2011 because of its nautical tones, such obviousness is also what is likely to see it lazily interpreted and applied – a danger for designers and labels looking to apply seasonal colors to their basics. To avoid such misapplication Lenzing believe it should be used with “floating” pieces where the fabric is the focus; an interpretation of the sheer clothingtrend seems a strong contender if you intend to work this color theme through your wardrobe.

spring 2011 nautical colors

Subtle colours, bar for the jet black, this is a color trend all about sheen; in effect, luxurious and radiant colors menat to match with your radiant Summer tan.

spring 2011 color

Courtesy of FASHIONING.

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Here are the latest wedding trends for Spring/Summer 2011 from the experts over at Exquisite Weddings Magazine.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold “Rose gold gets its pink color from copper and can be found on many fashion forward, daring men and woman around town,” declares Jenny Seligmann, owner of Diamonds Forever San Diego.

Pocket Dresses

“I am seeing more and more gowns with pockets these days, especially in our A-Line dresses with the fuller skirts. They have little pockets hidden in the side seams,” says Courtney Gavin, owner of Isis Bridal Boutique.

Photo Wall Entrances

“Rather than displaying a single image on an easel, couples are opting to share their story in a larger-than-life way with multiple photos. This new trend makes a sensory impact on guests and lets them in on a couple’s life prior to the day of the wedding rather than just witnessing their special day,” says Meaghan Schmaltz, owner of Weddings Made Splendid. Schmaltz coordinated this wedding at the Ultimate Skybox on December 11, 2010.

Tie Clips

“With traditional suits becoming more prominent at weddings, grooms are starting to don Bond-esque classic attire with tie clips. Kenneth Cole has reasonably-priced, yet debonair clips,” says Nick Valley of Valley & Co.

Icing-Free Cakes

Some brides are skipping overly ornate cakes and choosing more natural-looking confections. “We’re seeing a new movement towards deconstructed cakes with an emphasis on taste and a rustic look,” says Annie Packman, founder of the wedding

Custom Welcome Bags

“Welcome Bags are amazing gifts for your wedding guests. It’s a wonderful personalized way to say, ‘Thank you for coming.’ Items to consider should be consumable, portable and useful, not to mention fun,” chimes Diana Romero, wedding coordinator and owner of Ah! Le Party.

Dress Rental

Style out your wedding party in designer couture without asking them to max out their credit cards. According to Rent the Runway, “Friends don’t let friends buy bridesmaids dresses.” And just think, one less unwearable piece in the closet.

Romantic Embellishments

“Custom, handmade headbands, sashes or jewelry are personalized touches that reflect a bride’s individual style and help her feel unique on her very special day,” explains Cecilia Church, owner of Vocabulary boutique.

Contents courtesy of Exquisite Weddings Magazine En Vogue Elements Spring/Summer 2011

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Tips and ideas for great and filling eating habits from nutritional health & wellness expert Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD that will trim you down and keep you full as you prepare for your wedding day on San Diego FOX 5 News.

Instead of starving yourself or attempting an unhealthy fad diet prior to your wedding, think of food as a way to increase your vitality and help you be in peak condition for your special day. Studies show that the top 5 most filling foods (apples, beans, eggs, fish & popcorn) each offer unique health benefits!!
Apples, beans & popcorn are great sources of fiber and beans provide filling protein, too. Eggs and fish provide excellent sources of protein and eggs contribute Vitamin D, while fish such as salmon & sardines are an excellent source of metabolism boosting, heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
To fill up without filling out, give these easy food combos a try:
Protein smoothie
Fruit & hard boiled eggs
Veggies & hummus
Salmon salad with Greek yogurt on a bed of greens
Air popped popcorn topped with Parmesan
You’ll be looking & feeling fantastic!
~ Brooke
Booke Joanna Benlifer, RD is a Cornell University graduate and Registered Dietitian. As a nutritional coach, she has expertise in weight management, emotional eating, sports nutrition, corporate wellness and integrative medicine. She offers special packages catered specifically to brides, grooms and wedding parties, helping them feel their best and reach their wellness goals.
You deserve to look and feel amazing on your special day!

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Our very own Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD was interviewed for an article on the realities of “low-cal” foods in the March 2011 issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Brooke Joanna Benlifer, RD is a Cornell University graduate and Registered Dietitian. As a nutritional coach, she has expertise in weight management, emotional eating, sports nutrition, corporate wellness and integrative medicine. She offers special packages catered specifically to brides, grooms and wedding parties, helping them feel their best and reach their wellness goals.
You deserve to look and feel amazing on your special day!

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The Wedding Party Bridal Show is very excited to bring San Diego’s truly local, sophisticated and stylish bridal show for over 11 years back to the dynamic Hard Rock Hotel San Diego!

Our 22nd show will be an upbeat, exciting, stylish and fun celebration of wedding style and planning at its finest. Our theme for this event is “True Beauty” and the show will feature many special attractions and promotions celebrating that all brides are beautiful including our Real brides are beautiful fashion show, our True Beauty lounge with lingerie fashions and boudoir photo shoots on site, and our regular show features like our couture fashion shows on the catwalk, rehearsal Dinner restaurant Row, CONSULT-A-THON and over 100 of the finest wedding services- everything you need to plan a special San Diego wedding!


Here is a glimpse of the fun experiences to be had……see you all there on Sunday!!

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We were so pleased to have participated in the US Grant 2011 Wedding & Event Showcase: A Royal Affair. We enjoyed every moment of our talented showcase of incredible wedding industry professionals like DJ Spencer Bezy from Mobile Music Plus, Jason Taylor of Taylor FilmTim Otto Photography,  ePod Eventsb.mookié JewelryA Better Deal TuxedoM Bride and regal table-tops from A Diamond CelebrationHartworks Floral DesignIndulge FlowersCLassic Party Rental,Wildflower LinenKool Party RentalsPink Star DesignSoBelle Chocolate Favors in the Palm Court Foyer.


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  • Hand Crafted Silver Earrings
  • Imported Chocolates
  • Ultra Luxury Bedding Sheet Set
  • Personalized Stationary Box Set With Custom Monogram
  • Bouquet Of Roses
  • Tuxedo of Choice Complimentary Rental for Groom
  • Complimentary One Night Stay plus Sunday Champagne Brunch For Two
  • Engagement Photo Shoot


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Now That you know everything there is to know about diamonds and ring settings, its time to think about you, your special someone, and your wonderful relationship together……and put that all into a meaningful way to say I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!!

Have no fear!! We have just the perfect tips and pointers from The Yes Girls the masterminds behind Simply U Proposals! Here is some advice from them that are worth considering when planning your marriage proposal….

Before You Propose

Considerations before planning your perfect marriage proposal.

Timeless Traditions

Is it important to your girlfriend that you ask her father or someone in her family for their blessing? If so, even if you believe it’s an old tradition, take the time to call her family or take them out to dinner before you pop the question. This way you avoid any hurt and surprised family members.

Her Ring

Trying on rings beforehand is always a plus! Many women tend to love a certain style/setting until they try on the ring and find another style fits their finger better.

If she wants the ring to be a complete surprise then do some research. Consult her best friends and listen carefully to any hints she drops. It is not a bad idea to have her friends take her ring shopping for fun.

Timing is Everything

Think ahead. Has she hinted at a Summer or Fall Wedding? It is always considerate to propose at least 6 months prior to the wedding. If she wants a shorter engagement then let her be the one to decide. Better safe on time than sorry.

How To Pop the Question

The Do’s

1. Public or Private

Who should be present at your marriage proposal? Just the two of you, her family and best friends, or perhaps a cheering crowd? REALLY think this one through.

Just because you are a sports fanatic does not mean her idea of a proposal is on the jumbotron. However, If she is a die hard fan, paints her face, and never misses a single game then go for it!

We have discovered most women prefer a proposal to take place in a private or semi-private manner. Some women prefer to have family and friends involved. Holidays are fun and personable atmospheres to create your proposal. However, remember you will be competing with the holidays. There is always the option of an intimate setting for the two of you, followed by a surprise gathering of family and friends.

2. Location

Location is key to setting the mood. This is where you can incorporate favorite memories together. This goes to show just how well you paid attention. However, do not get so caught up in location that it stops you from tuning into your creativity. Start with “how” you’re going to propose rather than “where” you’re popping the question and the possibilities will increase ten fold.

3. Attention to Details

Incorporating specific moments and details in your engagement proposal that she wouldn’t expect you to remember will leave her in awe. This is your chance to prove to her that you know her better than anyone else. Remember you want to make the proposal about her by incorporating her interests and what she enjoys doing most with you. DO NOT NEGLECT the little details; they are the icing on the cake and honestly, the best part!

4. Females Perspective

It’s so important to get a females opinion and perspective regarding your proposal idea! Consult her friends, sisters, mom, etc. If you are nervous a close friend or family member may spoil the surprise, this is where the Simply U Proposals team can help. We provide you with a female’s perspective without ruining your surprise, which is why Simply U has excited clients and an outstanding success rate.

The Dont’s

1. Throw out unoriginal clichés

To be blunt, automatically rule out proposals via jumbotrons, fortune cookies, and over a “nice” dinner. With a little thought and planning, you can go beyond cliché ideas. If you get stuck, consult her girlfriends/sister/mom or brainstorm ideas with a Simply U Consultant to keep it a complete surprise.

2. Her Wants vs. Yours

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone just a little. It’s important to think about what your sweetheart would want. Many times we hear of proposals where the guy just thinks what he thinks is cool rather than what SHE would appreciate. Think about past memories, her favorite things, her personality type, her love language, and you’ll start to cater the proposal to her desires.

We truly hope that this was helpful and inspirational and above all that all your dreams come true……CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES FROM THE BRIDAL BAR!!!

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