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What better way to set the mood for your proposal, than with private tastings of premium, fine wines and gourmet food parings!!

We saw this and immediately knew we had to share it with you! The La Jolla Wine Tours hosts different types of wine tours throughout La Jolla and in particular they have a really neat one that is very appropriate to set the tone for a great proposal story!

The Romantic Tour is a 3-hour epicurean walking tour that will introduce La Jolla’s wine, food and culture scene. On this delightful tour you will be guided by a local expert with years of fine wine and culinary experience, and years of living in the heart of this glorious Jewel by the Sea, whith special romantic gifts and prizes, including a wine raffle.

Tours run daily, by appointment, year round! You can plan this very spaecial day around a meaningful time for both of you and woo your sweetheart with a an afternoon that will end with a magical proposal on the coastline of beautiful La Jolla! 

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Engagement photo shoot by True Photography…..really brings out the dynamic personalities of these love birds!!

This animated and beautiful couple who is getting married in September was shot all around NTC Promenade

“The Notebook” Part Deux

Our love story starts circa 1992. I was the ridiculously talented eighth-grade star on the boys’ varsity basketball team. Michelle was a mere seventh grader managing the team while juggling a budding career as professional model and concert violinist. Okay, so at least that’s how my memory prefers to remember it.

That time period was a blur-boys were growing up and girls were growing out, hormones were raging out of control and braces were standard issue. I would occasionally catch myself drifting off in practice seemingly more focused on the beautiful lady sauntering the sidelines than anything Coach Lowney was yelling at us.

It was a season of perfection for the mighty Wolves of Lake Ridge. We went undefeated (yet again) and the hero (that’s me) led my team to another championship. I had everything an eighth grade boy desired-a shiny trophy, the adoration of awkward teenage fans, a magnificent banner adorning the gymnasium wall, and a three-month supply of Oxy to battle those humiliating middle school pimples. Life was pretty sweet. Apparently, the only thing missing was my courage-I never did find enough gumption to speak with my future wife that year.

Approximately two years passed until our paths crossed again. I finally found the inner strength to call Miss Couch, who was now a young woman tearing up the soccer fields and basketball courts herself, and express my youthful adoration. We were just minutes into our conversation and things were going perfectly; until she told me she was moving to California in two weeks! ☹

Michelle and I kept in touch corresponding as pen pals for a while. She would send modeling pictures and I enjoyed hanging them up on my bedroom mirror. I’d tell everyone that Michelle was the girl of my dreams, including my girlfriend at the time. That pretty much ended that relationship. Throughout the years when I would think about “Mitch”, my heart would flutter while I’d wonder why our worlds were prematurely torn apart.

A year ago, the Lord sent me an angel. My world turned upside down when our paths amazingly crossed again. We reconnected with each other via Facebook in this technological age and I felt like that 8th grade boy once again-only this time it was, forever.

~ Brant (Groom)

I became obsessed with Exquisite Wedding Magazine and fell in love with the unique, boutique style of the weddings highlighted. I began to notice True Photography as a repeated vendor amongst the many different weddings and ultimately fell in love with the editorial style of images. I knew I wanted my pictures to have the similar feel to timeless art. Aaron Feldman, owner, portrayed a confidence and passion for photography that was undoubtedly addicting. The initial engagement shoot was not only a blast, but our photographer truly gave us free reign to express ourselves as a unique couple. I was a little hesitant at first to present the old school basketball theme, but our photographer was extremely supportive and the images ultimately portrayed the youthfulness and memories that brought both Brant and I together. Thank you to True Photography for making our childhood memories a reality and we look forward to more precious moments to come!

~ Michelle (Bride)

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The melding of friends and family at your engagement party can be tricky territory. A breach of etiquette or a careless comment — from you or a guest, intentional or not — can set the stage for hurt feelings to fester. Here’s our top etiquette tips for planning an engagement party that will pave the way for stronger — not strained — relationships.

Invite Right

Don’t invite anyone who’s not invited to the wedding, but don’t feel pressure to include everyone who’s invited, either. The engagement party is a more intimate affair than your wedding, and it’s nice to keep it small, especially if your families are meeting for the first time. Don’t feel guilty about not inviting your work chums and certainly nix exes from the list! Consider making it a family-only affair — or doing two parties, one with family and one with friends — to maximize your time with each group.

Register Early

Gifts are optional at an engagement party, but it’s smart to start a bridal registry for a few items in case people ask family or friends what they can get you (never tell people where you are registered or what you want). If you feel awkward about the gift issue, write on invites, “Your presence is your present!” People will feel let off the hook, but are still free to get you a present if they want to.

Stash Gifts

When people bring gifts, thank them profusely and ask whether they would mind if you opened them after the party. If someone insists you open their gift on the spot, do so away from other guests so that you don’t guilt-trip partygoers who did not come bearing gifts. Send a short thank-you note that mentions the gift as soon as possible after the party.

Pay to Play

If you’re hosting your own party at a restaurant, don’t ask guests to pony up cash contributions: If you’re doing the inviting, then it’s your responsibility to foot the bill. If dinner is too expensive, consider a tea party or happy hour instead.

Introduce With Flair and Care

Follow these meet-and-greet tips when you’re bringing the troops together:
Etiquette says that when making introductions, you should introduce the woman or the oldest person first.
Don’t be shy: A botched introduction is better than no introduction, which may make a person feel unimportant and unwelcome.
Add a bit of background information about a person after introducing them to give both parties something to chat about.
If you forget someone’s name or are unsure of how to pronounce it, simply say something like, “Please tell me your name again — I’m having a mental block.” You don’t owe them an apology unless you just met them.

Acknowledge Everyone

There will be people you’re not crazy about at your party. Despite your, and perhaps their, feelings, they made the effort to be there, so be sure to greet them, even if only by shaking their hand and saying, “Thank you for coming.” Look them in the eye, smile pleasantly, and then move on to the next guest. It’s likely that you’ll be able to keep yourself busy enough during the party to avoid awkward moments with the undesirables.

Bridge Cultures

Do your families hail from opposite ends of the earth? Keep in mind that what’s considered a polite greeting and gesture in one country may mean quite the opposite in another. Do your homework — and spread the word among your American guests — regarding the cultural customs of your fiance’s family.

Take Toasts in Stride (and Respond in Kind)

When well-wishers propose a toast to you, remain seated and don’t raise your glass or drink. It’s customary that one or both of you respond to the toast with a toast of your own to thank people for coming and express your excitement about the joining of two families. It’s also nice to single out each set of parents and toast their support and love (or whatever you deem most meaningful).

– Lori Seto

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GROOM ADVICE – 2010 Engagement Ring Tips & Trends 07.07.10

What Is A Better Way To Find Inspiration Than The Very Latest Engagement Ring Trends?

Square settings and diamonds are definitely the latest engagement ring trend. Many recent celebrity engagement rings including Mariah Carey, Ashlee Simpson, and Jessica Alba, all feature square central settings and square cut center diamonds. Square shaped diamonds include the Asscher, princess, radiant and cushion cuts.

Art Deco and vintage inspired engagement rings are popular, and this ties in really well with the square shaped central settings. A great advantage to this style of engagement ring is that you have a ring that is classically beautiful and timeless.

Colored diamonds can add a subtle or not so subtle element of color to your engagement ring. The advantage to colored diamonds is that they are the same hardness as traditional diamonds so they wear well. Colored diamonds vary in prices, with pinks and yellows costing more than the traditional blue white, and the champagne and cognacs costing significantly less.

Platinum and white gold bands and settings are becoming increasingly popular. While platinum is a more costly metal, it is much harder wearing, hypoallergenic, and will never wear out. Both white gold and platinum will enhance the size of your diamonds, and will not detract from the sparkle and fire of your stones. White gold is a more cost effective option than platinum, but the white gold needs to be regularly plated with rhodium to maintain a high luxurious shine similar to platinum.

Engraving special quotes, messages, or nicknames on the inside of the engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular and helps to personalize your ring.

Sparkling settings in pave are in trend. Whether your custom made engagement ring is a solitaire, three stone, or five stone, there is always plenty of opportunity to adorn the surrounding setting, shanks or band with sparkle. Pave set diamonds can be a great way to maximize the sparkle factor without a hefty price tag. Baguette set diamonds are also popular set along the band but will be more costly than a pave settings.

Bridal sets look very finished and are becoming increasingly popular in the new year. When designing your own engagement ring you can have your wedding ring designed as a perfect fit at the same time. Choices include having a wedding band that has been worked or engraved to match your engagement ring, pave set diamonds on both engagement ring and wedding ring, or patterned rings that match. The great advantage to bridal sets is that the two rings are always going to sit perfectly together.

Courtesy of

Here at The Bridal Bar, we know how nerve wrecking choosing the right diamond and setting to match your bride’s personality and the expression of your love for her can be. We want to help you make the right decision for your heart and your wallet. In addition to the above tips and trends, we also suggest that you Ask The Diamond Guy and get a more precise knowledge on your diamond and it’s setting!!

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